Accept invoice payments with bank debits
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If you want to save on process and fees, you can accept payment for invoices with bank debits via your app.

Accepting invoice payments with bank debits is possible only with Stripe. Connect Stripe

Enable bank debit option

To enable specific bank debit options in your app, you will need first to enable them in your Stripe account. Once enabled, please follow the next steps:

  1. Navigate to the Locations > Settings > Stripe page.

  2. Turn on the desired payment method.

Enable bank debit option on Spacebring's coworking space management platform

Once it's done, users can add their bank accounts to pay for invoices, and you can withdraw funds directly from their accounts.

As soon as you connect the Stripe account, the bank debits will be automatically enabled in your app.

The bank debit options supported by your application include the following:

Bank Debit

Country or Region

ACH Direct Debit

United States

Pre-Authorized Debits


SEPA Direct Debit

European countries

Bacs Direct Debit

United Kingdom

BECS Debit


SEPA direct debit transactions have a limit of 10,000 € each. For new users, there’s an additional weekly limit of 10,000 €, which quickly increases as you process more SEPA direct debit payments. If you need higher limits, please contact Stripe support.

Add bank debit

Either a member or a company administrator can manually add their bank account or do so while paying an invoice. To learn how to add your bank account, please refer to this article.

Only such direct debit options as ACH, SEPA, AU BECS, and PADs can be added manually.

If you choose to add your bank account while paying the invoice, please go to Locations > Membership > Invoices > open the unpaid invoice > select "New Payment Method" and press Pay > choose the desired bank debit option.

This payment method will automatically become a default one. So, the next payments for the invoices will be processed with that bank debit.

How to pay with a bank debit

Paying through a bank debit follows a process similar to other payment methods. After selecting the unpaid invoice, the member or company manager needs to input the bank account details and press Pay.

Pay with a bank debit option on Spacebring's coworking space management platform

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