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How to complete a price quote
How to complete a price quote
Updated over a week ago

The first step of subscribing for an app is to complete the price quote. It includes two procedures: signing a quote and checking out.

Signing a quote

To sign a quote, follow the steps:

1. Press Verify to Sign.

Once you press this button, it will change to "Verification sent".

2. Open your email inbox, find the letter from us, and press Verify your identity and sign quote.

If you don't see the letter, please check your Spam folder.

3. The following page will open in your browser. Press Start signing.

4. Press Get started to initiate the signing process.

5. Press Click to sign.

6. Add your signature by drawing, typing or uploading it, and press Insert.

7. Check your data and press Continue.

8. The last step is to press I agree.

The document is signed, and the following confirmation message appears:

Checking out

After signing, return to the price quote to complete the payment. Please follow the next steps:

  1. Press Check Out.

2. Enter your payment and billing information and press Subscribe.

Once the payment is complete, your sales representative will receive a notification and follow-up to continue your onboardign process.

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