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Maintain mobile apps
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Our team takes complete care of publishing and maintaining your mobile apps, and to do so, we require uninterrupted access to your Apple Developer account. To provide this, the Apple Developer account's owner must have an active Apple Developer membership and regularly accept Apple Developer agreements.

Apple Developer Membership

If you pay for the Apple Developer account, ensure Apple can charge the annual membership fee successfully. You don't need to pay fees if your organization is a qualifying nonprofit.

Until you reinstate your Apple Developer membership, we are unable to update your mobile apps, and the iOS app is removed from App Store.

Apple Developer License Agreement

Sometimes Apple updates their legal agreements and the account owner must accept it to continue publishing app updates. Follow Apple's guidelines to accept the new agreement.

Until you accept Apple's new license agreement, we cannot publish new versions of your mobile apps. This is a restriction from the Apple side.

If you miss the mobile release due to expired Apple Developer or pending license agreement, your mobile apps will be updated with the following mobile release.

Maintain Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Apple and Google require your apps to have valid Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. To successfully publish your branded mobile apps, these two pages must contain valid information.


What should I do if I can't find my app on Google Play or App Store search?

Since Google Play and App Store search takes multiple factors into account, such as app titles, developer names, and app descriptions, you may face an issue when trying to find your app on Google Play and App Store. If you cannot find your app in the search bar, we recommend you check the Google Play post and App Store guide that explains what influences the visibility of the app.

What should I do if my iOS app was rejected by Apple?

If you received an email from Apple stating that your app was rejected, please be sure that our team is already aware of this and is resolving it with the Apple Team. Once it's resolved, our team will contact you. Based on our experience, there could be multiple reasons behind the rejection, ranging from a not working privacy policy link to a simple mistake made by Apple. Rest assured that we are constantly tracking it and will resubmit your app to Apple within the next 24-48 hours.

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