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Handle mail and packages
Handle mail and packages
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Managing mail and package delivery can be daunting, especially if you receive high mail volumes at the reception desk. However, with the help of your app, you can efficiently organize your mail delivery process through the user-friendly support ticketing system.

How mailroom management works

  1. The administrator creates a new support ticket for the recipient user during mail pick-up. Optionally, they can attach photos of a letter or package to inform the recipient of its contents and help them decide what to do with it.

  2. The recipient user receives a notification and responds to the support ticket, indicating how to proceed with the mail, such as forwarding it to another address or discarding it.

  3. The administrator processes the user's request and then closes the support ticket. It's done!


  • Invite your virtual mail members as users to your location.

  • Enable Support module.

Manage notification and attachments

  1. Log in as an administrator to the app and go to Locations > Support.

  2. Tap on (...) > Create Ticket > select type "Mail and Packages."

  3. Choose your virtual mail member in the "Users" section and type a message.

Only the selected user and administrators will see the ticket and its activity. Learn more about our security practices on our website.

4. Attach photos of the mail or package contents as comments to the ticket. To do that, paste the copied image or press on the "Image" icon next to the comment field to upload a photo from your device. The image will appear as an attachment in the "Activity" section of the ticket:

5. The user will receive the notification and can comment on the ticket. The user can decide what action should be taken, whether it will be picked up from the reception, forwarded to another address, or discarded.

6. When the mail is handled, the administrator changes the ticket status to "Solved."

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