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Talk to our team if any questions arise

Updated over a week ago

Contact our team via chat, email, and WhatsApp and track the status of your app.

We typically respond within 3 minutes, Monday to Friday, 7:00 to 21:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Outside these hours, it may take us longer to respond.


To contact us in live chat, do the following:

  1. Open your web or mobile app.

  2. Log in there as an administrator.

  3. On the web app, tap the Help button on the left-side menu > Messages > start a chat with us. On the mobile app, you can always access the Help button by going to Locations > tap (...) menu at the top.


Feel free to send your questions or feedback to [email protected] at any time.


Initiate a conversation with our team on WhatsApp using this link:

Status Page

Track the status of our server here: Press "Subscribe to updates" to subscribe to any news via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

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