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Customize web and mobile applications
Customize web and mobile applications
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Customize web application

Your web application can be customized in the following categories:

  • General — your app name, description, logo, custom domain, and more.

  • Appearance — look and feel of your apps, such as accent color and background gradient, font family.

  • Locations — add and delete the locations, and become the administrator of the locations.

  • Integrations — app-level integrations, such as Twilio.

To start customizing the web application, the owner needs to navigate to (...) More > Network Settings page in the app where they can make changes to all the categories.

Customize mobile application

Almost all changes the owner makes in the web app are automatically reflected on the mobile app.

Adding and deleting locations

Connecting integrations

Change of the background color

Change of the accent color

✗ (requires mobile release)

Font family

✗ (applies only to the web app)

Change of the mobile app name has to be done via updating it on Google Play or App Store. Update branded mobile app listings


How can I change the theme of the app?

The theme of the app depends on the theme of your device. To change the theme, please open the settings of your device and find a section like "Personalization", where should be an option to change the theme to light or dark. Once you switch it, your app will also change a theme.

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