Enable taxes
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Automatically apply your fixed tax rate to all monetary prices in the location.

Enable the tax

Set a default tax rate for all monetary prices in a location.

  1. Go to Locations > Settings page by pressing the "Settings" icon next to the location's name > General.

  2. Find and enable the "Taxes" option.

  3. Set your tax rate and select the tax option.

4. The tax will be auto-saved and applied to all future purchases.

Inclusive tax is a part of the price. If you choose the inclusive tax option, define all prices with the tax included (gross). Exclusive tax applies on top of the price. If you select the exclusive tax option, define all prices excluding the tax (net.)

How taxes work

  • Your app users see the price with the tax counted on the check-out.

  • All taxes are applied to prices automatically. A tax breakdown is available on all invoices and receipts.

  • Once you update the tax rate field, the tax breakdown will be updated only for all future receipts and invoices.

  • If the taxes in the whole location are enabled, you can set custom tax rates for certain plans, subscriptions, add-ons, invoice items, shop products, and events,

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