Integrate Meta Pixel
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Maximize the efficiency of your ad campaigns by connecting Meta Pixel to your app and tracking all user events.

Meta Pixel supports tracking of user behavior in your app through the following events.

Event Name



A user viewed a page


A user initiated a payment


A user successfully made a monetary purchase.

Integration with Meta Pixel is only available for tracking events in your web app

Connect Meta Pixel

  1. The owner needs to go to (...) More > Network Settings page in the app.

  2. You will be redirected to our marketing website > open the Meta Pixel page.

  3. Insert your Meta Pixel ID and press Connect.

  4. Once the integration is connected, you can instantly export users into Meta audiences and track events in the app.

  5. Include links to various pages of your app in your ads.

    The links might lead to such pages as:

Learn how to get URLs to specific pages in your app and how to promote your app here.

6. Constantly monitor the user purchases in the app and track conversions from the ad campaigns containing these links to make informed decisions on your ads enhancement.

Using this integration is only available on specific plans.

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