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Understand users' roles
Understand users' roles
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In the app, users can have different roles based on their permissions and activities within the platform. The role of the user defines what exactly this user can see and manage in the app and the location. Understand visibility

User roles

The following user roles exist:

  • Owner

  • Administrator

  • Member

  • Nonmember

Role name


Where users appear

Users number allowed

The role can be updated by


Responsible for managing the entire network and subscription with Spacebring.

-Network level

- (...) More >Network Settings > General page

Restricted to one user per network. Assign the owner role

Only the owner is authorized to make changes to their own role.


Responsible for managing a specific location.

- Location level

- Locations > Community > "Users" tab.

Only administrators themselves and other administrators of the location are authorized to make changes to the role.


A user who can access member-only parts of the app.

Members can have credits, day passes, subscription, and view all app content with the "Location Members" visibility and higher.

- Location level

- Locations > Community > "Users" and "Companies" tabs.

Unlimited. Invite a user

Only administrators can make changes to members' roles.


A former member or a user who has made at least one booking or purchase in the location.

- Location level

- Locations > Community > (...) menu top right > Nonmembers > "Users" and "Companies" tabs.

Only administrators can make changes to nonmembers' roles.

If you want to grant access to manage all app modules to specific administrators, you can customize the administrators' permissions. Only administrators with "Community" permission can customize the permissions of other administrators.

Users without roles

Users may have no role in the app in two cases:

  • The user navigates to the app and doesn't log in yet. Since there is no email address confirmed, it's impossible to define what role this user must have.

  • The user has just created the account in the app for the first time and hasn't booked anything yet, or hasn't been invited as a member, administrator, or owner yet.

If the administrator deletes the nonmember, the user loses their role too but the administrator can still access their booking and payment history on the Community > Nonmembers > user profile page (shows as "Deleted User").

In such cases, users can view only the public content available. Understand and use visibility settings

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