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Accept payments with Freedom Pay
Accept payments with Freedom Pay
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Freedom Pay integration allows you to receive payments in your app.

🌍 Freedom Pay is available only in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.

Freedom Pay is a distinct company not affiliated with us. For any inquiries regarding Freedom Pay's solutions, services, or pricing, please reach out to Freedom Pay directly. We do not have the authority to provide information or support on behalf of Freedom Pay.

Connect Freedom Pay

  1. Have your Freedom Pay account ready and fully activated.

  2. Contact Freedom Pay support and request to enable the pg_check_url property for your account. It's required so your app can correctly update the payment status for all bookings.

  3. Connect integration to your app by going to the Locations > Settings page (the "Settings" icon next to the location's name) > Freedom Pay page > pressing Connect.

  4. Fill out the following fields such as

    1. Merchant Country. Select the country where you opened an account with Freedom Pay from the drop-down list.

    2. Merchant ID. Usually looks like a set of digits, for example, `537623`

    3. Secret Key. Usually looks like a set of characters and digits, for example, `u7CfQFERDlRiub9O`

  5. Press Connect and configure accepting payments.

You can find your credentials in the settings of your Freedom Pay store.

Enabling the pg_check_url property for your account is essential as this parameter is disabled for all accounts by default and is controlled only by Freedom Pay, and not us. If you don't contact Freedom Pay support to enable it, it may result in your users being charged for the deleted bookings.

Configure Freedom Pay

You can activate payments for the following:

  • Room bookings

  • Desk bookings

  • Event tickets

  • Shop

  • Invoices

  • Credits

How Freedom Pay Works

The integration adds "New Payment Method" to the "Payments" section around your app. Members selecting the "New Payment Method" are redirected to the Freedom Pay payment page and can use any of the payment methods you enabled for your account.

Identify app transactions in Freedom Pay

You can easily find the transaction from your app in the Freedom Pay dashboard using the following unique identifiers:

  • ID — coincides with Номер заказа in the Freedom Pay dashboard. You can copy the ID of the transaction from the "Transactions" custom report.

  • Time — coincides with the date and time of the transaction in the Freedom Pay dashboard.

  • Description — the types of purchases users make in the app, such as room bookings, desk bookings, Shop orders, etc.

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